Our Different Products

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Ronelapps provides clients with different types of products that cater for various web related problems ranging from hosting, security, to marketing.

Ronelapps Products For Web

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Ronelsocial is a web solution that is targeted at social media marketing. With this tool, social media platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram, google my business, linkedin etc become a sharp too to properly market the client's brand.

WP Secure

Ronelapps also has WP Secure that allows the client to protect themselves against cyber attacks and hacks. it prevents bots from getting into your website as well as preventing hackers from getting sensitive information from your website.


Simple. Fast. Reliable.
Ronelapps offers Hosting & Management Services that exemplifies these qualities. The hosting plans we offer are also very affordable and most importantly very secure.

Grow your
business fast.

Our tools are designed to give our clients awesome online experiences by solving practical problems that allow them to better market themselves online. These tools include;